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Limestone 2" to 4"


1 Yard of 2" - 4" Limestone

Limestone is a fundamental stone in varying sizes, perfect for increasing the aesthetic landscape appeal of any garden. Initially, the rock will be of a white hue due to the limestone dust generated by the tumbling of the rock but will fade into a darker shade over time or after washing.

Size matters.

This 2" to 4" Limestone is the largest variation you can purchase. Other than the size difference, the appearance throughout all the sizes will generally be the same. From our experience, this "large" limestone is best used to prevent individuals from walking on landscaping or cutting corners from concrete or paving stone walkways.

Relation between Weeds and Limestones

Drawing from our experiences, we normally install our Limestone products with a thicker fabric (~5 oz). By installing a thicker fabric, it will assist with the following:

  • Separation of topsoil or base material for easy cleaning. 
  • Defence against, not the elimination of weeds. The removal of weeds will be easier as the roots of grown weeds will not be able to take heavy root into the soil with the fabric being present. 
  • The large limestone has the smallest surface area to volume ratio than the "small" or "medium" limestone, so it will be susceptible to weeds as opposed to the smaller variations.