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Atlantic Pump Vault - PV1800

Original price $399.98 - Original price $399.98
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$399.98 - $399.98
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  1. Large Diameter housing provides better access to pump and plumbing. 
  2. Each Pump Vault Extension allows for an additional layer of Eco-Blox.
  3. Molded cut lines facilitate plumbing the pump discharge
  4. Flat panels accommodate AutoFill and custom plumbing options.
  5. Heavy-duty ribbed design eliminates warping and crushing.
  6. Molded cut lines for multiple sizes of SDR35 pipe make installing bogs simple.
  • Model: PV1800
  • Item: 74252
  • Max Pump Flow: 10,000 gph
  • Opening: 14"
  • Discharge: 2"
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Dimensions: 18"W x 24"H
  • Pump Vaults house and protect the pumps and plumbing of underground water storage and circulation systems
  • Vaults are rotomolded of virtually indestructible polyethylene for long, worry-free service
  • Sized to accommodate multiple pumps, Vaults also house Ionizers, Check Valves and Auto Fill Valves
  • Tight-fitting covers and generous openings provide easy, secure access to pump and plumbing and accessories
  • Pump Vault Extensions increase the height of the Vault in deeper, larger basins, with each extension the height of one Eco-Blox
  • Flat panels and multiple cut lines allow the use of 1½" through 6" pipe, auto-fills, overflows and custom plumbing options
  • Easily accommodate any project from the largest waterfalls to rainwater cisterns to upflow and downflow bogs