Easy snap-on assembly.
Avalanche! 1000.
Patented cutter frame.
1.5" wheels. Works best on asphalt shingle roofs or roofs with thin shingles.
17" x 12' plastic slide.
16' lightweight fibreglass handle in four - 4ft sections.
Snap-on coupler system for easy storage.
Rake head with 1.5" wheels.
Universal adapter.
Weight: 12 lbs.

Ice Dam Solution

 Ice Dam Illustration

The Avalanche Roof Rake is a great way to prevent gutter or roof ice dams on your home. This snow rake works by standing on the ground and pushing upwards about 4 - 6 feet up to your roof. The plastic slide allows the snow to slide right off the roof with no effort at all. The Avalanche Roof Rake clears off all but a half inch of snow, which allows for quick melting and no ice dams should form on the roof's edge. This roof snow removal tool keeps you safe on the ground and your house safe from expensive water damage.