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K&H De-Icer

Original price $122.98 - Original price $134.98
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$122.98 - $134.98
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Ultimate Stock Tank De-Icer

K&H has redefined the stock tank de-icer market with the new Ultimate Stock Tank De-Icer. This revolutionary de-icer can be floated or submerged to keep stock tank water open. It's available in 250, 500, 750, 1000, and 1500 models, allowing livestock owners to use only the wattage needed by following our convenient Zone Chart.

Float or Submerge

Now you can float or submerge your stock tank de-icer without purchasing two separate units. To use it as a floating de-icer, leave the float ring attached. To use it as a submersed de-icer, simply unscrew and remove the float ring. This simple process requires only a few seconds and allows consumers to change the functionality of their de-icers at any time.

Thermostatic Temperature Control

Internal thermostats automatically monitor water temperature and turn the unit on and off to keep the average water temperature just above freezing. Our unique technology ensures that your stock tank de-icer will only run as often as needed. In fact, it's thermostatically controlled to never get hot when properly submerged in water.


This product has been tested and certified by MET Labs to meet their high standards for electrical product safety.

Cord Clip Included

A free cord safety clip is also included with every de‐icer. This ingenious clip secures the de‐icer to the edge of the stock tank, bucket or container to help prevent chewing, cribbing or removal of the de‐icer from the tank.