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Snap Peas


Super Sugar Snap

Super Sugar Snap is one of the most reliable workhorses in the vegetable garden. The 10cm (4") long pods grow in Paris at each node for improved yield on 1.5m (5-6') tall vines. Provide some sort of trellis for the plants to climb on, and fertile soil for the best harvest. 62-70 days, OP.

Growing Peas

Timing: Peas prefer cool weather. They can be planted in spring as early as the soil can be worked. Put a cloche over early plantings to warm and dry the soil. After April first, sow only Pea Enation-resistant varieties in areas where aphids carry this virus. Try planting between July and mid-August for a fall harvest crop.

Seeding: Sow thickly with several seeds per 5cm (2"). Aim for a plant every 2-7cm (1-3") in rows set at least 30cm (12") apart. Or broadcast on raised beds at about 500g (1lb) per 10m2 (100 sq ft). In early plantings, seed should be 2cm (1") deep. After April 15th, plant seeds 5cm (2") deep. Pre-soaking seeds is not advised for wet soils.

Growing: Use well-drained soil amended with finished compost. Add 2 cups of rock phosphate or bonemeal for every 3m (10') or row.

Seed Specs: Canada No. 1 germination standard: 75% Usual seed life: 2 years.

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