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Low Maintenance Landscape Design

Low Maintenance Landscape Design

Make Your Weekend's Easier

A low maintenance landscape replaces the outdoor chores that have long occupied your weekends with much more free time and consistent beauty. You can go on that extended vacation and come home to a yard that looks the way you left it. Its design is more than hassle-free maintenance — it is healthy and enduring, adds beauty that is timely and distinct, its easier clean up after pets, and more. The only attention it asks for is that you enjoy it.


Artificial Turf


Green and Easy

Artificial turf is the true hassle-free — forever green lawn. It features the unique benefit of repelling dandelions from generous neighbours who like to share — no more de-weeding. Its durability maintains a manicured appearance whether in the harsh sun, a high traffic area or tough to grow edges. And your lawn design is not limited by the constraints of a soil base. This makes for more kick back and relax weekends to do what you want, a regular thing — and possibly sell your lawnmower?

Patios and walkways

Paver Patio

Less lawn, more living space.

Enjoy a beautifully balanced landscape design, featuring walkways and patios that lessens outdoor chores and adds usable space. Replacing those uneven hard to maintain traffic areas with solid paths brings a dynamic view with enduring appeal, along with rinse only upkeep. Adding a patio creates a counterpoint to the repetitive texture of a lawn while continuing the indoor living space to the outdoors, with fewer grassy areas to care for. So you have more room for seating and less mowing, trimming and de-weeding each season.




Xeriscaping Edmonton
Less hands-on with an intriguing view.

Xeriscaping combines native drought tolerant plants with softscaping and hardscaping to create an eye-catching yard — hassle free. It begins with a deep soil base so roots will grow deep for healthier thriving plants. This depth can hold more water. Layer on top of this mulch to increase the moisture retention and inhibit weed growth. Or aggregates that never need replacing. Plants are chosen for their aesthetics and hardiness. Often tiered for visual depth and variety. Less watering, pruning, raking and weed removal.


More Ideas

Hardy Shrubs

  • Drought tolerant Alberta native shrubs and grass
  • Tall Grasses

Composite Decks

  • Swap a patio for a composite deck. Plenty of charm with no staining

Potted Plants

  • Large pots are lower maintenance than small ones


  • Convenience
  • Water at the optimal time


  • You plant them once, and they come back year after year.


  • Needs no watering with less area to cut.

Robot Lawnmower

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