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Topsoil Calculator
Topsoil Calculator

Screened Topsoil

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Our most popular product! Black dirt that has been screened and broken down into a fine material, free from any debris, rocks, or excessive clay clumps. Our topsoil is 100% natural with no additives. It's the foundation of a thriving landscape. Screened topsoil can be used in final grades, gardens, and installation of sod.

    As this is a natural product, there may be traces of weed seeds within the soil; it is not a guaranteed weed-free product. Although it is screened, weed seeds cannot be completely removed in the screening process, along with other small unwanted ingredients. For truly weed-free soil you need to bake it in an oven, then re-introduce the microorganisms lost in the heating process as well as nutrients removed by the evaporation.

    How to perform a Final Grade

    Screened Topsoil

    Screened Topsoil Production from Park Landscaping Ltd. on Vimeo.