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Medium Wood Bark


Wood Bark made from Fir in varying sizes. Covers a larger surface area than the traditional shredded mulch which increases the chances of weed suppression and water to soil retention. 

  • Material: Fir
  • Colour: Light to Dark Brown
  • Average Size: 3 to 5 inches in length, 1 to 2 inches in Width.
  • Mulch will last longer without landscape fabric.

    Approximate top-up time frames

    • Mulch - 2 years
    • Mulch and Landscape fabric - 1 year

    Using landscape fabric retains more moisture as opposed to not having it resulting in a faster rate of decomposition for the mulch. Mulch naturally suppresses weeds when spread with enough depth, so when installing any Mulch, we recommend holding off on the landscape fabric.