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Road Crush - Gravel


Rural pavement. 

Road crush or gravel is a fine mixture of rocks and sand. Functions as a base or leveling material when it is made wet and compacted for a variety of different landscape structures and hardscapes such as decks, patios, retaining walls, and walkways.

The Atlas of Landscaping.

Road crush is a very versatile material needed for increasing the stability of a foundation or base of areas that are likely to settle near the foundation or if you're adding hardscapes on top of the grade. Note that it is one of the few materials that can be used for grading if compacted properly. 

Normally, we do not need to install geotextile or landscape fabric underneath the road crush as long as it was damp compacted with a tamper. Depending on where the road crush is being installed, you may need to for stability, but it is not needed for weed prevention. 

Relation between Weeds and Road Crush

As Road Crush is mixed with a fine sand, there are slight chances that weeds may appear through loosely compacted road crush. From our experience, it is rare for weeds to be growing through compared to other grading materials such as topsoil and may happen more often when the area is hard to maintain, example being underneath a deck near the home.