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NatureMade Compost meets national CCME (Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment) standards as Category "A" product, which can be used in any application. NatureMade compost consists of material such as yard waste, wood chips, food waste and treated bio-solids. Compost in general has higher nutrient levels then peat moss and is a perfect product for applying to existing soil. NatureMade Compost has been processed at temperatures at or above 55 Degrees Celsius, so it is virtually free of weed seeds. This product is also an excellent source of organic matter and works well in a wide spectrum of soils.  This product comes from Cleanit Greenit. 


Flower, vegetable and garden beds

 Landscape and gardening


 New turf and top dressing

 Topsoil manufacturing or upgrading

 Tree and shrub planting


Benefits & Advantages

Minimum 30% weight organic matter is the ideal amendment for soil that has lost its strength

 Rich in nutrients; it supplies nitrogen, phosphate, potassium, Sulphur, copper and zinc

 This pathogen free product contains on average less than 40% moisture

 Slow release allows plants to easily make use of available nutrients