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Park Premium Garden Mix


All the best stuff in one mix.

A garden soil mix composed of a 1-1-1-1 ratio of our screened topsoil, garden sand, peat moss, and compost mix. This blend will reinvigorate your garden or yard into a bustling ecosystem. Created with our 100% natural screened topsoil and topped with peat moss to ensure water retention, compost mix to promote a healthy environment for micro-organisms, and garden sand to aid in the usability of the mix. 

A soil analysis is regularly used in agriculture. It's a simple way of getting an overview of the soil quality.

Understanding your soil analysis results.pdf

What you get.

  • Client information
  • Date the sample was received
  • Nutrient Analysis
  • Soil quality
  • Fertilizer recommendations

Nutrient Analysis

  • Measurements of the nutrients (ppm)
  • Nutrients are given a grade of one of the following | Excess | Adequate | Marginal | Deficient |.
  • Deficient soils will likely see the most improvement in yield by adding the specific nutrient.

Soil Quality

  • Organic matter - Darker soils have more (that's a good thing).
  • CEC (cation exchange capacity) is the ability of soil to hold positively charged nutrients | Calcium | Magnesium | Potassium | Sodium | Hydrogen | Aluminum | Organic matter is high in CEC
  • Soil Texture - a combination of | Sand | Silt | Clay | the soil texture effects water holding capacity. A higher capacity requires less watering.
  • Salinity refers to salt levels. High levels can hinder plant growth.
  • pH - | Acidic | Neutral | Alkaline | the closer to neutral the easier for plants to absorb nutrients.

Fertilizer Recommendations

  • Based on seasonal rainfall.
  • Recommended steps for a good yield of crops.
  • Not always cost-effective solutions.

As the topsoil used in this mix is a natural product, there may be traces of weed seeds within and it is not a guaranteed weed-free product. Although the topsoil is screened, weed seeds cannot be removed in the screening process along with other unwanted ingredients.