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How to adjust a stepping stone height.

How to adjust a stepping stone height.

Does your lawnmower bump into your stepping stones while cutting grass? Here is a quick how-to on lowering the height.

In our example, we have stepping stones placed alongside a wood retaining wall with grass in-between each step.

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Estimated Time: 5 - 10 minutes per step

Step 1: Remove the stone

Removing a stepping stone

For older stepping stones you may need to dig around the edges to help it break free for removal. Using a shovel you can pry underneath the stone to create a larger gap for gripping. A shovel can also act as a lever to lighten the load and is recommended for larger stepping stones.

Step 2: Clean Edges

Cleaning the edges of your step cut-out

With a shovel or tool with an edge begin slicing the perimeter of your step cut-out. Our goal is to reduce the height so dig deeper than the thickness of the step. You can add more road crush if it is to low.

Step 3: Remove dirt and excess sand or road crush

Removing dirt and road crush

Separate the road crush you remove from the other excess materials. This can be used again if we need to bring up the height.

Step 4: Add road crush

Adding more road crush

  • Spread road crush evenly over your step cut-out
  • The deeper your foundation the less settling will happen over time.
  • We recommend 1" of road crush
  • Sand can also be used, but will likely need to be readjusted much sooner.

Step 5: Compact

 Compacting the road crush base

  • Use a tamper to compact your road crush base.
  • Start along the edges and work your way towards the center

Step 6: Adding the stepping stone

Adding the stepping stone

  • When placing your stepping stone, rest one of the edges on the grass and begin lowering the opposite side.
  • The key is to have the bottom surface contact the base evenly.
  • Making sure no edges dig into the road crush base - this can cause a gap and uneven feel over time.

Step 7: Setting the step

Setting the step with a rubber mallet

Use a rubber mallet on the surface of the step. This will force the road crush to the outer edges of your cut-out and lock the stone into place for a solid feel.

Step 8: Try it out | test

Checking for wobble

  • Step on all edges firmly
  • Check for wobbling or shifting when stepped on.

Need more road crush?



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