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Manderley Sod

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Less Water

Turfgrass Sod

Manderley Less Water Sod is Canada’s first qualified drought-tolerant
turfgrass. Produced using only premium quality seed, in Sturgeon County,
Alberta, Manderley Less Water Sod is designed for optimal performance in
Alberta’s harsh climate. With superior drought tolerance, Manderley Less
Water can reduce watering requirements by up to 50%, after establishment,
when compared with conventional sod.

  • Qualified drought tolerant
  • Reduces typical watering by up to 50%, saving you time and money
  • Stays green longer and greens up quicker
  • Dark green in colour with thick blades
  • Durable and tolerant of high traffic
  • Flourishes in partial shade to full sun areas
  • Cold-hardy, ideal for Canadian climates
  • Protects your investment and increases your home’s curb appeal
  • Minimizes the environmental impact of your property by conserving water
  • Can be used to help achieve LEED credits
  • 35% - Ridgeline Kentucky Bluegrass
  • 30% - Wildhorse Kentucky Bluegrass
  • 15% - Mallard Kentucky Bluegrass
  • 10% - Monte Carlo Kentucky Bluegrass
  • 10% - 7 Seas Chewings Fescue