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Topsoil Calculator
Topsoil Calculator

Garden Mix vs Compost

Quick and simple:

Have a New Garden? 

Start things off with Garden Mix. It's a mix that has both compost and peat moss which provides a balance of minerals and organic matter for a healthy garden.

Revival of an older Garden? 

Additions of Peat Moss and Compost are exclusively organic and water retention matter; it may be the boost your well-established garden needs.

Benefits advantages and all that good stuff.

Garden Mix

A Soil Structure with a Foundation of Nutrients

Garden mix is more than dirt; it's a blend of inorganic material and organic material of peat moss and compost, combined to make fertile soil. The inorganic portion is a blend of Sand, Silt, and Clay. Similar to how average temperature effects the kinds of plants you are able to grow, the ratio of these three inorganic materials will have an ideal plant variety that will thrive in this soil structure. There is no universally perfect soil composition, but some ratios are healthier for a broader range of plant life.


Soil Maintenance - Organic Boost

Compost is solely organic matter; it does not include the inorganic portion found in garden mix. Compost serves two functions — a revolving nutrient fund and as an agent for improving soil structure.

Organic matter does contain nutrients, but so does inorganic. The real difference in importance is the decomposition process from organic which releases nutrients such as nitrogen into a form plants can absorb. The fund of available nutrients is continually replenished and used. Raw plant residue adds while plant uptake and losses by leaching and erosion removes. Compost is used to help restore balance in situations where soil organic material levels are low.

Soil structure is advanced by composts organic components along with microorganisms improve soil structure by binding soil particles. Turning small particles into larger aggregates aids its ability to hold nutrients, improve airflow, and resist erosion.

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