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Topsoil Calculator
Topsoil Calculator
Fence Material List Calculator

Fence Material List Calculator

Wood Fence Quantities Estimate

the material list includes

  • Fence Posts
  • Pickets (fence boards)
  • 2x6 rails
  • 2x4 brace(s)
  • Nails | Screws
  • Hings | Latches | Lag bolts | other hardware
Tip: Prebuild your gate(s) on a flat surface such as a driveway. And use Heavy-duty hinges and latches for a gate that closes like new for years to come.

The Calculator

Fence 3D Model

    • 10 - 15-second load time
    • Hold left mouse button to orbit
    • Shift + left mouse button to pan
    • Mouse scroll to zoom


    Corners | Ends

    This example has 3 corners and 2 ends.

    Fence Corners | Ends


    Sandwiched refers to a fence with two layers of pickets that are staggard.

    Staggered fence boards

    Middle Rail

    A middle rail is required in some communities for added strength and consistent neighbourhood appearance.

    Fence Middle Stringer

    Inside top/bottom Rail

    2x6 or 1x6

    Fence inside rails

    In Edmonton, most outside bottom and top rails are 2x6 or larger.

    Fence outside rails


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