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Final Grade and Landscaping

What is and how do I Final Grade my property?

The foundation of your yard.

If you're looking to landscape your property - whether it be new or old, you always hear the term, "Final Grade". What does this mean? Let's break it all down:

What is a Final Grade?

  • A Final Grade is the installation of specific materials - such as screened topsoil - on top of a clay base called, "Rough Grade" that promotes proper drainage and flow of excess water away from existing structures. The drainage and flow of water is based on the elevations found within your property's plot plan or Rough Grade certificate.

And how does a Final Grade affect my landscaping? 

  • It affects your landscaping as the material used for your final grade will be the foundation and the starting step for your landscaping. Think of the Final Grade as the canvas for a painting! 

What sort of material can I use for a Final Grade?

  • For proper drainage, it is recommended to use landscaping materials such as screened topsoil or road crush as they work well to allow water to run off correctly, whereas other materials may soak water up. You can use materials such as Garden Mix, however, this may be a more expensive option. 

How do I perform a Final Grade? Easy! Let us show you how:

 What do I do after a Final Grade?

  • Depending on your location, you may need a Final Grade Certificate and Approval to continue on with your landscaping. These are two documents that provide proof that the elevations on your property are matching the elevations set by the city as per your original plot plan to ensure proper drainage away from existing structures. 

If I live in a city where I require a Final Grade Certificate and Approval, what are the steps? 

  1. Final Grade is now complete - time to find a certified surveying company that is able to survey and create the certificate for you to submit to your local municipality.
    * Can't find one in your area? Let us know and we are also able to help you with our surveying services! 
  2. Surveyor from engineer company will come to your property to check with the elevations using a level. Once complete, the surveyor will draft the certificate and send it to you.
  3. Submit your certificate to your local municipality and book a Final Grade inspection. Depending on the location, it may take up to 5-8 business days (weather-permitting). 
  4. Municipal inspector will stop by your property and check your elevations on site and as per your certificate to ensure that there is proper drainage. 
  5. Municipality will contact you with an approval or a fail. 

 What do I do if I have failed my Final Grade?

  • You will need to fix the issues indicated on the report the municipal inspector provides. Once it has been complete, you can contact the local municipality for a re-inspection. 

Once I have passed my Final Grade, what's the next step?

  • Now it's time to start landscaping away! If you are in a new home, don't forget to contact your Home Builder for more information on receiving your landscaping deposit back as you will be half way there! 

Need landscaping supplies? Not a problem - let us help you! 

  • From sod to any sort of decorative rock - we offer it and we can deliver it to you! Let us help you out with this one time discount code: "F1N4LGR4D3" as a way to get you started! 

Happy Landscaping! 

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