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Rundle Rock 1" to 2"


Bring home a piece of a mountain. 

Our Rundle Rock is an average size 1" to 2" size, with jagged edges, and a light to dark grey appearance. Once the rundle rock is wet, it will reveal an even darker tone and contrast. 

Exceptional contrasting abilities. 

We recommend using the Rundle Rock as a decorative spread in your landscaping. As it has a darker appearance, it will assist with the contrasting of the rest of your landscaping when installed near sod, plants, mulch beds, or hardscape features such as stone patios or walkways. Compared to Limestone - which has a dark blue appearance, the Rundle Rock will not create as much dust as frequently as limestone will when they tumble together. 

The relation between Weeds and Rundle Rocks. 

Drawing from our experiences, we normally install our Rundle Rock with a 5oz fabric. By installing a thicker fabric, it will assist with the following:

  • Separation of topsoil or base material for easy cleaning. 
  • Defence against, not the elimination of weeds. The removal of weeds will be easier as the roots of grown weeds will not be able to take heavy root into the soil with the fabric being present.