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Second Nature Compost


Steroids for the soil. 

Second Nature Compost is the product of decomposing organic material - the natural way of removing waste and re-introducing it into the environment to promote healthy soil! As a natural soil conditioner, installing our horticultural Compost into your garden or landscape will provide all the essential nutrients to rejuvenate or upgrade your soil. Our compost is completely organic and is locally sourced and based in Edmonton, Alberta. 

The use of compost as a soil conditioner has been dated back to traditional and ancient times. Once compost has been mixed into any existing soil, given time, it will begin to rejuvenate the soil with nutrients thus improving the soil's ability to provide for any plants.

Our organic compost is rich in the following nutrients and is pathogen-free

  • Nitrogen
  • Phosophate
  • Potassium
  • Sulphur
  • Copper
  • Zinc

Unfortunately, this soil conditioner boosts all plant life including the never-wanted weeds. Our recommendation to prevent the growth of weeds once the compost has been mixed, would be to install desired plants, sod, or other top spreads.