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Athabasca River Rock 4" to 8"

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1 Yard of 4" - 8" Athabasca River Rock

Athabasca River Rocks are a large, mainly smooth, varied colour-washed stone. The colours vary from grey, tan, beige, and the odd dark black making it a prime choice as a decorative spread beside sod, patios, or concrete for your landscape! This larger 4" to 8" variation is the largest size of any rock that we carry and the maximum size we recommend before they become boulders! 

The Facts

Useful for rock balancing. 

We recommend using Athabasca River Rock as a decorative spread more so than as a back fill for retaining walls, as they are a more expensive option and won't be able to stabilize as efficiently as the smaller variety washed rocks can. 

What about Weeds?

Relation between Weeds and River Rocks

Drawing from our experiences, we normally install our River Rock products with a thicker fabric (~5 oz). By installing a thicker fabric, it will assist with the following:

  • Separation of topsoil or base material for easy cleaning. 
  • Defence against, not the elimination of weeds. The removal of weeds will be easier as the roots of grown weeds will not be able to take heavy root into the soil with the fabric being present. 
  • As this is a larger stone, there are higher chances of weeds growing between the rocks. You can prevent this by spreading the material more evenly or filling the gaps between these large stones with smaller washed rocks. 

Delivery Details

All deliveries within Edmonton $105