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Masonry Sand / Washed Sand


It's building time. 

Masonry sand is a very fine granular sand that has a dark tan appearance. Essential as a "leveling" material for hardscapes such as stepping stones, walkways, or patios. 

Top it up. 

As a very fine material, Masonry sand is able to function as a leveling material for patios, stepping stones, and, walkways. Do not confuse Masonry Sand as a polymeric sand or as a sealing agent for the cracks between pavers. We recommend using Masonry sand only as a leveling material to ensure uniformity throughout the structure or walkway as it does not seal between the paver and the base well compared to limestone dust! When using Masonry sand, we also recommend using compacted Road Crush as the base material to prevent sinking in the future.

Relation between Weeds and Masonry Sand

Weed seeds will have a difficult time blooming due to the sand absorbing all the moisture. The lack of space available for the root to anchor into the soil below the sand and base material will also increase the difficulty for weeds to grow.